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How many of us stood in front of the mirror and cut a wrestling promo wearing our favorite belt? We started back in the 1980s making them out of cardboard. So we know what you want!! Real metal and real leather.

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We carefully take out the plastic stones that come with your belt and replace them with Cubic Zirconia or Swarovsky gems which give the plates a sparkle and look like the real thing. A quote is available upon request depending on belt version.


We can replace the simulated leather on your replica with real American-made leather. It will be loose and soft just like the belts you see the superstars carry.

Real Deal! Zinc or Brass

We know how it feels to order a belt online and only get a plastic version. You will never have to worry about that with Macra Productions. We only work on metal plates so you know you will be getting that heavy belt you always wanted.

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We have several belts for sale and ready to ship but you can also send us your belt to modify. Just pay for shipping and Fifty percent deposit and we will cover the return shipping. Send us an email on our contact page for pricing.

The Gorilla Position

Modifying a belt is a long and careful process that can take many man-hours to complete. We ask for patience and will make every effort to update you on the progress of your baby as often as possible. You will also be able to check our Gorilla Position status page which will list the projects we are working on and will be updated weekly.

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