We Are Fans Too!

At Macra Pro we are serious about belts. These aren't just metal plates placed on leather. Each belt is a symbol of all the times we sat in front of the TV and we watched our favorite heroes or heels battle every Saturday morning. The victor carried a championship like no other. We know what you want in a belt and we can provide it at a lower price than anywhere else.

Who we are.

Have an old belt that is showing its age? Contact us and see what Macra can do for you!

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Double Krown Leather

How we work.

1 Macra Productions has come up with innovative ways to bring excitement to the market with our collectibles.

2 We know you will be completely satisfied with our service and production of boxing, UFC and wrestling belts

3 We are proud of the customer service we from free delivery to our "Gorilla Position" page where your orders progress.